A Hot Mess Family Room

A Hot Mess Family Room

We moved to this house almost two years ago and the family room situation is: Unfinished curtains, huge plain wall with 14 hanging nails, a dog crate and no color palette. Maybe no flow? I am not a décor expert but I can tell you that this family room lacks pizzazz.

The space has:

  • Two big sofas, very comfortable in dark gray.
  • Big TV (that’s my baby Paco up on the screen!) on top of an old, white TV stand from Ikea.

  • Color block curtains left by previous owner that I already cut and sewed together in the same color. I added some piping, embellishments and embroidered flower designs. Still unfinished. 

  • Fireplace with white mantel.
  • Two small end tables in brown. (Antique store find, yay!)
  • Old coffee table.

I want to have a happy and comfortable family room, where my husband, my dog Paco and I can relax, and a place where guests feel welcome.

So, here is the “I don’t want to plan every little detail because I like to wing it” project list:

  • Make the throw pillows covers.
  • Finish the curtains.
  • Need to do something about that white Ikea furniture. Maybe cover the doors with fabric?
  • Make a big art piece with fabric in different textures. The 14 nails on that wall are driving me crazy. 

  • Maybe a wood frame for Paco’s crate? My dog thinks his crate is a bunk bed.

I am going try to make all of this with materials that I currently have. If I have to buy more materials I will go thrifting, buy at a marketplace or surplus from a local store, taking into consideration a repurposing approach. Let’s see how it goes.

Is it possible to make beautiful things using a sustainable approach? I sure hope so. Come and join me on this crazy adventure.

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