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Did you spill wine on your shirt and now it’s ruined? Ripped a pair of pants?  The hole in your jeans is getting bigger and out of control and what once looked cool now looks like a denim flag parade flapping in the wind? Were you partaking in some delicious fried chicken that thoughtfully dripped some excess grease on the front of your shirt? (This happens to me all the time!) 

Don’t throw it out.  Let’s mend it by using different techniques like visible or invisible mending, darning, sewing a patch or by stitching embroidery we can repair the item.

We can embroider something on top of that stain.  Maybe we can fix those ripped pants with some darning.  In drastic cases maybe we have to change the style of the item in order to save it.

Mending prices are going to depend on the size, materials needed and time to repair. We provide a quote and payment is due upon completion.

You can complete the form below or give us a call to schedule your appointment.  You can also send us pics of your horror story to 404-788-3184 or email and we can start brainstorming solutions.

  • Stack of fabric in different colors

    Custom Orders

    If you are looking for personalized or need a different color of one of our
    existing items, we can do a custom order.

    Custom Order 
  • Cream curtain hold by tieback in green and tulle fabric with blue decorative chain stitch

    Special Projects

    The special projects services provide options for upcycling or revamping
    something that you already have. We also create from new at the same time
    maintaining a sustainable approach.

    Special Projects 
  • Sewing notions and mending tools


    We mend, fix and repair a garment or item that it is broken or ripped giving
    those items a second chance to be worn or used.


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