About Us - Stina Elizabeth LLC

Who we are?

Stina Elizabeth LLC is a creative studio and blog dedicated to crafting elegant and high quality products using textiles and materials coming from pre-consumer, pre-loved, deadstock or surplus materials.  Clients can also come and learn about sewing, embroidery, serging and sustainability when sewing.  

Hi, my name is Cristina Murray-Ortiz and I am the creative mastermind and owner of Stina Elizabeth LLC.  The combination of more than 10 years of sewing experience, my different perspectives on the designs of our products, and thinking up ways to use all of the materials to reduce the waste that we produce translates Stina Elizabeth LLC into an awesome brand.

I am also a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher. I have experience in garment, heirloom, home décor and accessories sewing.  I love lace making work like princess lace and bobbin lace.  

How I got here? Scrolling the internet, a news article about fast fashion and the environmental impact grabbed my attention. Then my mind wondered to the fabulous and beautiful fabric stash that I have (it actually looks more like a mountain of fabric but that’s just a minor detail).  Then I started thinking about the last time my husband told me that I have too much fabric and when he said “you bought another sewing book?” or “you are going to the fabric store again???” If you sew, you know what I am talking about. 

I wondered if I had ever considered the environmental impact of the last garment or accessory that I bought. Even more, what about the fabric that I have? What about the waste produced when I sew? It was an overwhelming feeling.  And then you have the ridiculous amount of information using terms like: Fair Trade, Sustainable Fashion, Slow Fashion, Zero Carbon Footprint, Greenwashing…Gosh, it was confusing and I was going crazy.

It got me thinking of my fabric stash, what I was going to do about it and what could I realistically do as a small business.   

What do we want for the future?

We are working towards a sustainable fashion and home brand by acquiring the majority of materials from second hand marketplaces, organizations, individuals and businesses dedicated to obtaining surplus, pre-loved, pre-consumer and deadstock items, saving them from the landfills or incinerators. On the Sustainability section you can read all areas where we have implemented systems to care for the environment.

Sustainable can be bold and unique.


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