We want to be conscious about the impact our business has on the environment.  There is so much information about environmental sustainability that it can be overwhelming.    

Since Stina Elizabeth LLC is a very small shop studio, we have to be realistic with the steps we can take towards a sustainable business. Our main focus is to use the most of our main material, fabric, that way we generate the least amount of trash.  Less trash is better for the environment. 

For now, we are taking these steps to create a more sustainable business:

  • Fabric: This is the main material we use.  We have chosen to use fabric from pre-consumer surplus (deadstock), mostly from non-profits dedicated to collect, recycle or resell fabric.  Also buying fabric from individuals that sell their yardage at marketplaces, community sales, thrift stores and vintage stores.
  • Scraps: Fabric scraps resulted from cutting the patterns and thread cut outs will be used in other projects and not throwing them away.
  • Packaging: The packaging of all items can be reused. Either to keep the item you bought or use it for another purpose. Promotional and presentation cards are made on recycled paper. When possible, we will reuse boxes and packing paper.
  • Shipping: The shipping supplies we purchase are recyclable and/or made from recycled materials.  These include boxes, inserts, packing tape and shipping labels. The company that makes our shipping  and packaging materials is ecofriendly from the materials they sell, to how they do business.  Also, when possible, we will reuse shipping material from shipments we received. We ship using USPS, not adding to the possible carbon footprint since they already deliver the mail. 
  • Carbon Neutral: We feature a checkout option to remove the carbon foot print from your order delivery. It shows instant emission calculations for your order. You will also see costs and details about the project you are supporting (typically less than $1).
  • Website: Our website is built on Shopify platform. Shopify is carbon neutral and committed to “empower sustainable commerce”.

We use a sustainable approach to create products that: 1) make you happy; 2) are conversation pieces, and 3) are made with high quality craftsmanship.

We are still learning about best practices to have an ecofriendly business. So stick around to follow our journey.

Sustainable can be bold and unique.

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