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Special Projects

Are you looking for a new table runner because you got tired of the one that you have?  Are you tired of your current curtains and want to get rid of them? You literally don’t know what to do.  Well, don’t throw them away, call us!  They might just need a facelift.   We can see what you have and suggest alternatives.  Maybe all your curtains need are new tiebacks that we can make or just add a trim to the bottom. That table runner just might need a new border or embroidery. Sewing is very versatile, not only we can give a new live to what you already have; we can also create great new items to fill your needs.


You can come to our studio with what you have to talk about options or we can come to you (within reason, gas is expensive!) and see what’s going on.  The appointment is free.  The jokes and laughs are free too! #winning, 


We will provide a quote.  A 50% deposit is required in order to start any special project work order.  The remaining 50% of the quote is due upon completion, at delivery if in person delivery or shipping of the item(s).


We like to revamp things and not necessarily throw them out and get an entirely new item.  We want to make new with what we already have.  That means less trash. That also means a unique item.


Part of our mission is to use surplus, pre-consumer or pre-loved fabrics.  In case the order requires new materials like fabric, trims or notions, these will be acquired from suppliers that follow sustainable processes.


You can setup your appointment by completing the form below or by calling 404-788-3184.

  • Stack of fabric in different colors

    Custom Orders

    If you are looking for personalized or need a different color of one of our
    existing items, we can do a custom order.

    Custom Order 
  • Cream curtain hold by tieback in green and tulle fabric with blue decorative chain stitch

    Special Projects

    The special projects services provide options for upcycling or revamping
    something that you already have. We also create from new at the same time
    maintaining a sustainable approach.

    Special Projects 
  • Sewing notions and mending tools


    We mend, fix and repair a garment or item that it is broken or ripped giving
    those items a second chance to be worn or used.


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