Throw pillow cushions on a sofa. One rectangle in floral print, a square one in floral print fabric. The third one has a Moroccan tile pattern.

The Family Room No-Demo-Reno Update - Throw Pillow Edition

I have made a few pillow covers to put on both sofas.  Here are a few I have made so far.  I love colorful and bright things, and my throw pillows are exactly that.  Different textures and dimensions give them a lively appearance.


Because I didn’t want a simple square pillow with just one color, I used playful prints, embroidery designs, dimensional applique among other techniques to make them my own.  Check out a few of the details below.  See any you like?

Machine embroidery is a nice way to customize any pillow cushion.  I embroidered a Moroccan tile pattern using thread with pink tones giving a nice contrast to the chartreuse sateen fabric.

For the blue cushion I wanted contrast so I embroidered a big floral design in reds and pinks to make it pop.  

I love how these pillows look together. You have on the left a square pillow in a beautiful floral print (this is my favorite print ever!). 

Then a small rectangular cushion in a very fun floral print with gold lamé dimensional details sewn to the seam.  Along for the ride a big, rectangular pillow in an upholstery weight gold shimmering fabric print.  I added yellow vinyl applique with stitching simulating the stems.  







I still have at least eight more pillows to make.  Maybe someday, before next year I can finish them. 

Following our sustainable journey, all the fabrics used to make these pillows, except for one, came from surplus fabric.     

You should check out the selection of pillow covers that we have on our shop.  There is a variety of styles;  from very bold, like the ones here, to neutral and with simple lines.  Custom orders are available.  

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