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We have three different types of adult sewing classes: Basic Sewing, Basic Machine Embroidery and Sustainable Sewing.  If you are interested in taking any of the classes, please fill out the contact form below with the class that you are interest in, also you can call us or send us and email.  

Basic Sewing – You want to learn how to sew but don’t know where to start? Have you watched the same sewing video 10 times and are still stuck?  Did you buy a new sewing machine and need to figure out how to use it?  Well then, I am your person.  Schedule an appointment so we can go over basic sewing topics to get you started on your sewing journey. 

Some of the material we will cover

Overview of some of the different fabrics

  • Essential notions.
  • Know your sewing machine – There is a special bond between you and your sewing machine, that's why you should name your sewing machine.
  • Sewing safety– It’s always a good idea to keep your fingers away from the needle. Understand a basic pattern – Unfortunately we have to read the small letters 
  • Ironing and sewing combo – This will make a difference in anything you sew
  • Different basic hand and machine stitches – Yes, there are times when it’s better to hand sew.   
  • Interfacing and tapes

This is a two hour class. The student will make a zipper bag in class to take home.  Classes are individual, only one student per class.   Cost $65.00, includes materials.


Basic Machine Embroidery – Having trouble working with your embroidery machine? Maybe your fabric is puckering? Maybe you want to embroider a name or initial on some towels but the letters sink between the towel threads?  Call to schedule a basic embroidery class with me and I will teach you the basics of machine embroidery. This class will give you the foundation to create beautiful projects with your embroidery machine and feel more confident. Who knows? Maybe in the future you can even machine embroider a toilet paper roll.  Yes! That’s really a thing! 

Some of the material we will cover

  • Stabilizer guide – because the possibilities are endless.
  • Fabric to stabilizer – let’s face it, sometimes you need basting glue for these two to get along.
  • How to set your fabric on the hoop (it’s not with a hammer).
  • Proper thread and needle – there is a possibility you will end up with a big collection of pretty threads. 
  • To starch or not to starch fabric before you embroider – That expensive swiss batiste fabric does love starch. 

This is a two hour class. The student will make small embroidery.  Classes are individual, only one student per class.   Cost $75.00 includes materials


Basic Sustainable Sewing – Tips and tricks on how to be more ecofriendly with your sewing process.  We are talking about producing less trash when we sew, using even the smallest scrap of fabric. I’ll teach you systems that you can incorporate into your sewing journey.  Small steps that an individual sewist takes can make a difference when done collectively.  This class will open your mind to a different view and encourage you to implement changes that can make a difference.

Some of the material we will cover:

  • Mending/Repair – When there is a stain on your shirt, but really is a hole so now we have to do some darning or visible mending.  
  • Upcycling – Using your sewing magic, you revamp that old shirt into a fabulous masterpiece. And put the money you saved from buying a new shirt into a high yield savings account. #winning. 
  • Save the Scraps! – They add up and make wonderful stuffing.
  • Systems to put in place to reduce waste – This involves ice cream and coffee.

This is a two hour class.  Classes are individual, only one student per class.   Cost $60.00 includes materials.

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